Universal in Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount. Handsfree Phone Holder for Desk Tray with Multi-Directional Dual 360 Degree

10 customer reviews


Brand Perilogics
Color Black
Compatible Devices Smartphones
Compatible Phone Models Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola
Mounting Type Rotating

  • ✈️ Get ready for holiday weekend trip and Summer vacation. Recommended by 500,000 plus travel enthusiasts. This versatile and practical accessory makes it a perfect gift for family, friends or colleague. Everyone will love it! 😉
  • ✈️ Strong clamp to mount your phone to table, luggage handle, gym equipment or any objects up to 1.5 inch wide.
  • ✈️ Dual joints with 360 degrees rotation gives you flexibility for best viewing angle. Vertically or horizontally.
  • ✈️ Compatible to multiple phone sizes from an iPhone Mini to an iPhone 14 Pro Max or Samsung Note 20 Plus.
  • ✈️ We hope you find many more fun uses of this little gadget. We take great pride offering quality products and would appreciate an opportunity to resolve any issues you may have.

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Product Description

Perilogics EBC header phone holder 2 pack
Perilogics phone holder 2pk EBC 1
Perilogics phone holder EBC 3
Perilogics phone holder EBC 5
Perilogics phone holder EBC 4
Perilogics phone holder EBC 2
Perilogics phone holder EBC 6

Additional information

Weight 0.035 kg
Product Dimensions

3.6 x 1.45 x 1.38 inches


1 Unit, 2 Units

Item Weight

0.035 ounces


Black, Lavender, Pink



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Date First Available

June 21, 2019

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10 reviews for Universal in Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount. Handsfree Phone Holder for Desk Tray with Multi-Directional Dual 360 Degree

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    Very versatile clipThis is a very versatile clip. The part that holds the phone rotates 360 degrees, and tilts. It also swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to position the phone in either portrait or landscape orientation.You can use this as a tabletop stand, though it’s unsteady in portrait orientation with an iPhone Pro Max because the design of the clip leaves the center of mass of the phone pretty far up and horizontally offset from the base of the clip. It’s stable in landscape orientation.It’s very flexible when clipped on to something else. For example, it can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation for continuity camera with an Apple Studio Display. (In case you’re wondering why one would do this: Your iPhone will produce a much better image than the webcam built in to the studio display, and the background blur feature works much better.) The only drawback there is that the bottom of the clip will extend beyond the bezel , so you’ll get a little occlusion of the top of your screen.If the back of your monitor is curved, that can introduce a few additional challenges. You may need to orient the clip so your phone extends behind the monitor rather than in front of it. Depending upon how the clip catches the back of your monitor, the offset from the monitor and angle of the phone might create some issues where the camera is recording the top of your monitor. In the worst case, this can throw off the focus.Another issue, which is not unique to this mount, is that vibrations on your desk from, e.g., typing can cause the camera to vibrate. This means that you can’t type discreetly during Zoom calls with your camera on – people will know.It’s also possible to use this as a continuity camera mount on a MacBook, but the size of the clamp relative to the bezels is huge, so you will get a fair amount of occlusion. As with other continuity camera mounts on MacBook screens, the weight of an iPhone pro max becomes an issue that limits how you can tilt the screen. Overall, it’s not the best solution for a MacBook, but it is somewhat usable.I haven’t tried this on an airline seat tray yet, but I’m optimistic that it will work as advertised.Despite the limitations I mentioned above, I’m confident with a high rating for this product. Why? No single mount will work perfectly in all situations. This one is better suited to some applications than others, but it is usable in a very wide range of situations.I’m definitely planning to put it in my travel bag.

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    Zack A.

    Extremely Versatile (Can’t go back to travelling without it)This thing is versatile (lots of uses)*Stand on a table*Airvent phone holder in your car*Great phone holder on a plane (what’s advertised)(What isn’t advertised)*Slips onto the bezel of a laptop very well*Can be used with some backpacks for a hands free navigator (becareful because.this could make it easy to steal)*Mounts on a large tumbler nicely (lt eaves a hand free for the umbrella. Depending on the orientation it may interfere with the ability to drink from the tumbler) (I did not.try attaching it to the umbrella)Overall it is also a very durable product, I haven’t found a flaw in it’s material but I will not the twisting linkage will eventually wear and lose some stability (it’s just how that splined connection works not a material issue). That being said It shows no wear from 2 weeks of abuse.It is compact but I would recommend keeping it in your pocket. It is however, easy to slip into a belt and will not come off easily. Do not use it as a phone holster though…Bonus (honorary discovery by a coworker)This can be used as a pseudo home theater by attaching it to the end of a tight fitting baseball cap… Doesn’t work for me but I thought I would mention it.

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    Exceptional Customer ServiceI bought the 2-pack phone holder. One of the phone holders will not close all the way. I contacted the seller and I received a response right away. They recommended that I push down on the joint area to fully close the holder. I tried it several times but it didn’t work. I informed the seller that their recommendation didn’t work and they immediately shipped out a replacement phone holder. They even asked me which color I prefer as a replacement. I received the replacement in less than a week and it works well.The phone holder is easy to use and is a must-have travel accessory. I was able to watch several movies for hours on a long flight without having to hold my phone.I am very impressed with the exceptional customer service I received from Perilogics. It goes to show that they stand behind their products. They promptly took care of the problem to my satisfaction. I would buy from this vendor again without hesitation.

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    chrissy yoshida

    Perfect for long flights!This was one of the many products I bought for our international flight that my husband said I didn’t need…well during our 17 hour flight (the second flight out of 6) he took my phone holder after his arms got tired bing watching his show. Then I got to gloat in his face that I made a smart purchase! I’m taking this phone holder on every vacation we have! I love that you can also swivel the angle of the phone to adjust if the seat in front of you is reclined or not .

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    Bethany Scheler

    Love it!Bought this for a trip to Ireland I have coming up to use on the plane, tested it in my car for now and love it! Posted 2 pics of 2 options to hold your phone, one up in the air, the other down towards the floor. Clamps right into my air vents without any problems, very strong and have not had any problems with it being lose or falling off. Love the color and holds my phone perfectly! Very versatile and can hold phones in many directions.

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    Carl Roger King

    Great value … exceptJust received this and opened. My first trip to use on a plane will be coming in a couple of weeks. So far the construction seems to be what is needed for its purpose. My only issue at this review is that if you own a phone that you are using a battery pack with, it does not fit. I have the Apple iPhone battery back and the slightest movement will cause the device to come out of this holder. I will have to remove the phone from the charging case while using. Not a total deal breaker but a little inconvenient. Had the spring loaded holder section been only 0.25 in deeper it would have made this a five start product.

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    IaM AS

    It work well and is more universal then expected.This is my favorite stand, phone mount, and I was surprised by how good it was and how well it works more than just on flights.Where ever I go, I bring it with me and clip it on table sides in the kitchen, bathroom, on trains, at work, in the bedroom, and so on.I wish I got more because this will be the Christmas present I give people I know.Great product

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    Great for airplaneMy wife and I just used these for our plane rides to Puerto Rico and they worked great. They are small and have a pretty good grip. Its a little awkward opening the clamp, because you actually have to squeeze the same way it opens, which is counterintuitive. If you mount it as shown in the ads picture, it is very sturdy. At one point my wife and I clipped ours to the TOP of the seat, where the opening is for magazines. It held, but not as well. Mine actually fell at one point when it was bumped by the flight attendant.Using it as a stand alone stand…meh. I guess you could.Take a little practice folding it back up too. if you don’t rotate it out enough before you fold it, it doesn’t shut all the way.Overall though, happy with them and will use them on our next flights.

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    This is an airline travel game-changer! Buy it now.Saw this item on a “best travel gadgets” online link. Bought two just before an airline trip. This little item is fantastic. Able to hold my phone for watching videos while flying and is so versatile I was able to clip it in multiple ways to adjust for tray up, tray down, etc. Best money spent on a travel accessory ever. I will never travel by plane again without this little but incredible accessory. Plan to buy them for family Christmas presents next year for everyone.

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    NZC, Denver

    Worked as advertisedTook it on an overseas trip. Super convenient to have it prop up my S23 Ultra to binge watch some shows. Love that it easily attached to the airplane seat in front of me and not take up any space on my food tray, since there’s not a lot of space anyway when you’re trying to eat a meal. Love that it can easily be adjusted (left/right, up/down, and tilted) to accomadate my viewing needs.Actually had the person next to me commented how she liked this little device.

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