NOMATIC- Toiletry Wash Bag for Travel, Waterproof Storage Case for Shaving Kit, Makeup, Toiletries (Black), Large V2

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  • Minimalist design and slim profile
  • Water-resistant design ensures your toiletries stay protected
  • Optional hanging strap and dedicated toothbrush pocket


Product Description


Product Features

  • Durable Materials
  • Hanging Strap
  • Internal Organization
  • Minimalist Design
  • Slim Profile
  • Water Resistant

Nomatic Toiletry Bag

The Nomatic Toiletry Bags come in two sizes; Pick the size that works best for you.

Both are made with durable, water-resistant materials and zippers to ensure there are no leaks and your toiletries stay protected. An optional hanging strap and dedicated toothbrush pocket are a few of the many features that make these the most functional toiletry bags ever.




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Additional information

Weight 11.3 kg
Product Dimensions

11.4 x 6 x 2.6 inches


Toiletry Bag, Large V2, Toiletry Bag, Small V2

Item Weight

11.3 ounces



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10 reviews for NOMATIC- Toiletry Wash Bag for Travel, Waterproof Storage Case for Shaving Kit, Makeup, Toiletries (Black), Large V2

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    Nice Materials, Well DesignedLooking for a new toiletries bag after my old one met a messy fate, I scrolled past this one at first thinking “$55 for a toiletries bag – that’s nuts!” But after shopping around a bit and reading reviews, I was convinced it would probably be money well spent, especially if it were to survive better than my last one. So far I’m impressed with the design and materials, and it seems like it will hold up well and be easy to clean. I like the relatively compact size of it – just slightly longer than a standard toothbrush and pretty thin, but still roomy enough to fit all the essentials. My only complaint is that the toothbrush pocket (which is a nice feature) is tight and only fits one toothbrush. Since I typically pack my toiletries bag with some of my family’s gear it would have been nice to be able to fit at least two in that pocket. But it’s not a big deal since they will fit in the main pocket. People who use large electric toothbrushes might find the toothbrush compartment too small.

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    Expensive but looks niceIt’s durable and looks good. It’s a $70 bag to hold my toothbrush and deodorant… It’s a little over priced.

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    Anubhav Kushwaha

    Bad build quality for the priceZippers are not well built, bag also doesn’t utilize space very well. Overall a $10 pouch is likely going to outlast this thing

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    Kenny Best

    Snug, Compact BagThis is the larger Nomad toiletry bag, which I thought could hold both of my Babyliss Pro wireless trimmers. But I see it wasn’t really meant for that. Rather, it snugly packs in the main compartment, all your showering items and the stuff you need for the bathroom sink. The toothbrush pocket is a nice touch—it can fit pretty much any regular toothbrush (only one at a time)—although I’m not sure about electric ones. Right next to the toothbrush pocket, on the back, is a sleeve for toothpaste or other oral hygiene stuff. Overall, it’s a good bag. I thought it would be bigger with more pockets, but like I said, it’s just right for your showering needs.

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    Great form factor for easy travelI’ve tried various travel toiletry bags over the years, and this one simply does the job better. The shape and configuration of compartments means that various items won’t bunch up or deform the bag when trying to pack it. I’ve had that problem with other bags. This thing is also very stiff, which I see as a benefit to help it keep its shape. I picked the large size because I know how much I need to pack for most trips. I use hair gel, have a beard to maintain while shaving around it, etc. Also fitting my Sonicare toothbrush works, even without removing the brush head. I try to travel very minimalist, but this bag affords me the space to pack all the items I need with very little compromise.On the other hand, if you have that one bulkier item that you normally pack around, this bag probably won’t work too well. The largest compartment is still only as deep as the other two, so something that is larger in all dimensions may prove a challenge to fit. Flatter or smaller-diameter items work best.

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    Extremely OVERPRICED!!!Great looking bag that I was excited to see finally arrive at the house. Once packed however, I was disappointed at how little it was able to hold as a nearly $80 bag. If your trip is more than a day or two, this bag won’t have you covered. In thinking the bag looked familiar, I compared it to another bag I ordered which is sold by a company named- “PUREVAVE.”As you might imagine, I was even more disappointed to learn that the two bags were 100% identical in every way (right down to the stitching) except price. The PUREVAVE bag was more than $50 cheaper and there are absolutely no differences between the two. Well, except for the tag.

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    Kyle P.

    Good but I wish it was biggerI got the bigger of the two sizes.The Good: it’s durable, it holds thing together securely. It’s compact for how much it holds.The bad: I pack like a Highschool girl and it’s not quite big enough. I’ll probably have to go back to my bigger “bag” type of toiletry purse.Summation: I want to love it, i just have to figure out what I can bring. I use a sonicare tooth brush, and that takes up a good portion of the bag. Then deodorant, tooth paste, shampoo, cologne, Q-tips, razor, shaving cream…. yeah, not quite big enough. But it’s really good quality and I got it for about $37 (half price). That’s a deal.

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    B Patch

    The perfect size and layout.This thing is amazing. No joke I’ve hated every single Dopp Kit I’ve ever owned. They were always unnecessarily bulky and housed more dead space than actual items. I found myself always defaulting to a zip loc for most travel to avoid my ugly ass Dopp kit.Enter the Nomatic.Sleek. High quality. Perfectly proportioned. If you can’t fit all your stuff in this toiletry bag, you have to much stuff. It’s that simple.If I had to give a slight critique it would be that the separate toothbrush zipper pocket could be slightly deeper allowing a wider range of toothbrushes to fit (not just the cheap travel brushes). I’d give up some interior real estate for a double depth toothbrush sleeve, but that’s just me.Order the bag. You won’t be upset.

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    Alexandro Ochoa

    Good mix of compartments and pocketsI’m not using this bag for toiletries. I’m using it as my diabetic kit. Small pocket is perfect for weeks of alcohol wipes. Medium pocket has my glucose monitor and some medication. The large pocket fits two bags of syringes, insulin and needle cutter. It has two side zippers, one has my lancets and the deeper one houses my individual syringe cases (3). This is perfect for travel which is my intended use.

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    Great Size For Minimal TravelI had ordered the “Peak Design Wash Pouch” first, and loved it… but it was a little too big for me. This pouch works really well, it’s slim and built well. I feel like I travel with a good amount of wash supplies, contacts, mini first aid kit, that kind of stuff. If it’s organized well it’ll all fit in here. The bottom pocket has good depth and can fit 3 small wash bottles on one side. It’s a great little Dopp kit!

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